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Here are a couple hip sounding arpeggios, based on Dominant 7th chords with b5.  More commonly, a Dom 7 chord might.  Both +5 and b5 are contained in the altered scale, so for some people that means ‘jazzy’.  I will show just 2 forms, both with the 1st finger playing the root, so that you can hear them and decide if you are interested in learning more forms.  Root on the 6th string:
And root on the 5th string:
Again, these are just two simple little ways to play these arpeggios.  If you know CAGED, than you'll see that:
1st example = E form
2nd example = A form

I didn't know about the CAGED system when I was a kid, so it has been wonderful to encounter it as an adult.  One great way to explore additional shapes on the fretboard is with the CAGED system.  Try to play Dom 7 b5 arpeggios with all the forms.  I'd be happy to help if anyone has questions.

pop quiz: in the first example, I didn't get the software to display a Db instead of C#.  Do you know why this is a mistake of mine?


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