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When you have a favorite guitarist, and access to the internet, you should do this-- google “[guitarist name]+lessons” or “[guitarist name]+interview”.  That’s how I found out about Kurt Rosenwinkel’s favorite warm-up.  For most normal people, this won’t be a warm-up, but rather a skill to develop with practice.

The exercise is simple-- play scales with 4 notes per string rather than the usual 3.  This very elegantly works both your knowledge of the scales and the ability to cruise up and down the neck.  

Here’s just one scale, Bb Major.  Start with the lowest available note on the 6th string, and go up and down all strings from there.  
Notes in Bb Major:  Bb C D Eb F G A
Two additional points:  Kurt always goes through the Circle of 5ths, and he always sings what he plays.  Ruminate over that last bit for a moment, and consider humming along yourself.  For the improviser, being able to vocalize what you play will open a beautiful new dynamic to your playing.

There’s a lot of good work to do here-- try all major scales, all minor scales.  Try all the modes!  Try all harmonic minor and melodic minors modes.  

Another twist-- pentatonics are usually played 2 notes per string, so in this exercise, try playing pentatonics 3 notes per string.  I might write that one up for next time, because it is so much fun to surf up and down the pentatonics, unhindered by previously memorized forms.

PS  I don't have the link to that Rosenwinkel interview handy.  It was part of an written interview with some jazz magazine.  He's a great teacher, so if you try to find info on him, you will be rewarded.


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