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I didn’t discover the CAGED system until later in my life, but it is so great that I regret how long it took to find it.  One particular exercise that I contrived is running through the circle of 5ths, up the neck, playing octaves.  Each octave shape corresponds to a CAGED shape, and hence the elegance of the exercise.   The CAGED system is valuable for visualization forms of chords and intervals on the neck, and octaves are the simplest of intervals.  And the circle of 5ths let’s you play every key, in a systematic order.

Here’s an example, in the key of C--
And here's another example in F:
Here, the first form is E form.  Then it goes D form, C form, A form, G form, E form again, and D form at the 15th fret.

This is a great exercise to play with a metronome, running through the circle of fifths.  In each key, start at the bottom on the neck and go up.  You’ll see a lot of finger movement and gain familiarity with the CAGED forms in a new way.  


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